How CTMF Works

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To give you a sketch of where the framework sits in the planning and execution of business transformation, we've assembled a little animated diagram about 1 minute long.  This video demonstrates one kind of application of the framework - that suggests how some of the practices within the framework might be mixed and applied.  As you will see, the framework is a layer that continually creates and renews the organizations' capability to transform and perpetuates the life cycle of continuous transformation.

Although it may seem like a lot more to do, traditional practices are having less and less effectiveness in creating transformation - and transformation is expansive, so iMind methods and practices recognize that transformation is different, and provides tools that deal with transformation as transformation.

Keep in mind that each organization would apply the framework in a customized 'mix' and to varying degrees to suit the nature of their business/organization and specific circumstances - and this is one combination of the elements and practices of the framework.



A Snapshot of Where the Practices Fit

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This video explains the Continuous Transformation Management Framework from end to end.