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Based in 5 years of research in business psychology, demographics, socio-economics, and anthropology, and 4 years of methods and practices testing, iMind books combine to provide the practical application of Continuous Transformation Management and the achievement of organizational agility to meet post-millennium conditions.

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The Transformational Organization Paradigm

A multi-dimensional look at the thought-paradigms in play in this time of  dramatically changing attitudes and motivations for doing business and what it takes to shift into alignment with New Millennium ways of doing business.

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Book Cover CTM Primer

Continuous Transformation Management Framework and Methodology Primer

The practitioners summary of the tools and techniques applied to assessing the organization’s preparedness and building its capability to transform from a people perspective.

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IFRS 17 and Beyond – An Insurance Industry Transformation

An exploration of the immediate and long range implications of the IFRS 17 standard on insurance companies.

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IFRS 17 and Beyond – Organizational Transformation Playbook

A summary of the structures, strategies and plans that best enable IFRS 17 organizational change.

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