Methodology & Framework

new transformation capability

Like nothing else on the market.

Above and beyond work management methodologies and operating directly on 'corporate culture', our intuitive methods re-frame the emotion-charged aspects of transformation allowing detached, targeted alterations in mindset to be made within, through and around your transformation initiatives.

Transform serially and continuously in a well managed and fiscally responsible way as new aspects of the global marketplace unfold.

Capable of moving in Millennium Age ways to take disruptive change in stride, using what you have and building human capital along the way.

Routinely produce measurable transformation at the right speed in all the right ways, with tools that anyone can use.

the Transformational Organization Paradigm


applied as organizational development programs

Reshape culture, values and belief systems into the Transformational Organization Paradigm... and leverage transformation spend.



the Continuous Transformation Management


applied in transformation initiatives

Pinpoint where to start and create a clear path through the unknown using the disciplines and practices Continuous Transformation Management Framework... and generate consistent forward motion with speed.



The TOP methodology is comprised of 4 assessments, 8 program profiles, 4 disciplines and one end to end measurement tool.

The CTMF framework consists of 14 separate practices, 10 tenets, 12 principles, 12 templates, two measurement tools, 1 assessment and 1 managed lifecycle.

Deep, scalable, yet light and practical, the TOP methodology and the Continuous Transformation Management Framework can be applied selectively, for just transformation initiatives, or across your entire enterprise.

They get to the heart of business transformation in by altering values and beliefs toward a millennial mindset while they promote highly focused forward movement that ceaselessly delivers real transformation.

The TOP methodology and "child" Continuous Transformation Management Framework are enacted using a robust set of templates and tools.  Education and training in both is a cornerstone for application of the methods. Professional certification in both TOP and CTMF are available, involve comprehensive education and examination, and are fully supported by online platforms.


Brief Overview of the Continuous Transformation Management Framework

And It's Practices