Transformation Breakthrough & Acceleration

transformation is realized in mindset shifts, work to build technology solutions and organization structures only gets you 20% of the way there

However, if you start with the values, beliefs, mindset and relationship shifts and carry them through solution construction, you will not only transform, you'll be able to measure whether or not you are transforming, where you're transforming, and how much.


Three Step Process

  • Increases the effectiveness of work and dialogue.

  • Establishes the ability to do more with what is available in transformation initiatives.

  • Particularly effective when primarily operations people make up initiative teams.


Removes Barriers

and mitigates the ambiguity and complexity risk factors present in transformation. Clears the path to greater achievement and success.

Lays Groundwork

...for elevation of the kind of work leaders and staff do, as organizations rise to the post-millennium demands that transformation makes now and in the future.

Establishes a Frame of Knowns

...that make groups and teams new at collaborating inter-disciplinarily and cross-functionally (and internationally) highly effective.

Builds Skills & Alters Thinking

...that leaders and staff need now and over the next 5-10 years of transformation.