Keynote and Event Speaker

inspiring people to find the meaning behind business transformation...

Dr. Miller's talks are all about lighting a way forward, new ways of succeeding, and offering new perspectives - based in deep experience and research in business transformation, technology transformation, radical change, and Millennial business challenges.

Dr. Millers' Topics

  • The millennium mindset
  • The new knowledge worker
  • Continuous transformation as the new normal
  • The agile organization
  • Leading transformationally
  • Navigating the sea of unknowns
  • How technology enables exponentially more humanist endeavor
  • New definitions of loyalty, performance, and success
  • Moving forward in leaps of faith
  • If IT and HR had a baby, it would be Business Transformation
  • The emerging 'age' of exponential speed and connectedness
    and the challenges posed to people, businesses and organization

samples of past talks


BC Technology Industry Association [BCTIA]

Womens' Entrepreneurship Day Keynote | Attendees 120

Effects of technology combined with human rights creates opportunity as well as the radical shifts in thinking, beliefs and values that we attribute to 'millennials'.

Transformational Leadership Event - The Agile Corporation

Transformational Leadership for Transformation | Attendees 40

Finding and leveraging untapped capacity to meet Millennium Age challenges.  Leadership eclipses management and success in leadership is all about being fully in it with your people.