Keynote and Event Speaker

inspiring people to find the meaning behind business transformation...

Dr. Miller's talks are all about lighting a way forward, new ways of succeeding, and offering new perspectives - based in deep experience and research in business transformation, technology transformation, radical change, and Millennial business challenges.

Dr. Millers' Previous Talks

  • Mindset Shifts for Success - Digital Transformation
  • Keys to Thriving in a Digital World
  • Keys to Leading Continuous Transformation
  • Aspects of Change Intelligence Specifically for Continuous Transformation

Keynote Subjects

  • The millennium mindset
  • Radical change occurring at escalating speed
  • Continuous transformation as the new normal
  • The agile organization
  • Navigating the sea of unknowns
  • How technology enables exponentially more humanist endeavor
  • New definitions of loyalty, performance, and success in the 'Millennium Age'
  • How the 'Millennium Age' differs from the Industrial Age
  • Inverted success strategies in the modern socio-economic context



audiences addressed in past talks

  • Metaverse and gaming convention
  • Cyber security and data governance professionals
  • Finance & insurance professionals
  • Change Management professionals
  • Business Analyst professionals
  • Telecommunications groups
  • Energy sector groups
  • International trade groups


locations of past talks

Las Vegas Convention Centre

Winnipeg Convention Centre

Telus Sparks Centre - Calgary

San Diego - Remote

UBC Executive Education Centre - Vancouver

Washington DC - Remote

Botswana Women in Sports - Remote

samples of past talks