Framework Implementation

We'll apply our ground-breaking new

Continuous Transformation Management Framework

...a little or a lot, one-time or in stages over the long term


Implement a Continuous Transformation Management Office

We've got a fully formed CTMO package replete with structures, roles, education, guidebooks, and processes all supported by a full suite of templates, tools and online reporting and collaboration... on your servers or on ours.

Mix CTMF disciplines and practices in the right amounts...

  • Continuous Transformation Lifecycle
  • Synchronous Ingenuity Engine
  • Change Intelligence
  • Transformational Leadership for Transformation
  • METRIC Measurement Model
  • Transformational Identifiers

Implement the CTMO...

  • Organization structures, terms of reference
  • Governance processes and practices
  • Roles and responsibilities with candidate profiles
  • Disciplines and practices
  • Education and knowledge-base
  • Templates and tools library Reporting structures and flows


  • Coaching and advising

Apply Continuous Transformation Management Framework to a Transformation Portfolio

Select the disciplines and practices that best suit your organizational or technology transformation portfolio.  Embed them to generate the right speed.  Measure constant forward motion.  Then deliver the culture, values, beliefs and mindset shifts needed for your transformation to take root, generate the desired outcomes, and realize the promised benefits.

Create the Portfolio Framework...

  • Discipline selection and scale setting
  • Disciplines and practices education
  • Practices implementation and audit

Integrate with Common Initiative Management Practices...

  • Integration of our methods with Program Management Practices
  • Integration of our methods with Project Management Practices
  • Integration of our methods with Change Management Practices


  • Coaching and advising


Use Continuous Transformation Management Practices to Re-Orient a Rogue Initiative

Cost over-runs?  Taking order of magnitude longer than planned?  Struggling with the high degree of ambiguity?  Having trouble staying mobilized?

Assess the Situation...

  • Relative agility of the participating or impacted business areas
  • Prevalent leadership practices
  • Progress against goals and spend
  • Norms rooted in industrial age thinking and methods that are barriers to forward motion

Mix Techniques and Practices to Re-Orient...

  • Define transformational event & trajectory
  • Define implications of taking the trajectory
  • Prescribe tactics for millennium age mindset shift
  • Prescribe Continuous Transformation Management practices to deploy
  • Educate on practices
  • Support application of practices
  • Measure and report improved health


  • Coaching and advising


  • Individual practices or a groups of cohesive practices within the Continuous Transformation Management Framework are applied to programs and projects layered on top  current work management practices of  program management, project management, change management.
  • Two robust measurement models offer flexibility in ascertaining and reporting real transformation delivered, giving you the ability to answer the question “Are we transforming?”… and as importantly “Why are we not transforming?”
  • The framework forms the structure for a Continuous Transformation Management Office that embraces common program and project management, and blends common change management with its transformation-specific practices.