Transformation Initiative Assessment & Reset

executive clients call Dr. Miller when...

A direct and no-nonsense professional, Dr. Miller accurately assesses where her client organizations are at and how far they need to go to put strategies into play and deliver on their imperatives.

For a variety of reasons, initiative leaders may be unable to enact the advice provided to the highest levels of the organization by the 'big four' firms.

Sometimes hard truths must be dealt with for a path forward to be created.

A different kind of support is needed. One that has the traditional and leading edge tools and experience to guide leaders as to:

  • dialoguing safely about highly sensitive subjects
  • where to focus energies and efforts, and where to withdraw
  • who should be doing what for success to be realized
  • how to tap into untapped human capital
  • what tools and techniques are effective and how to apply them
  • when and how to use pre-millennium methods and when to reach for leading edge practices
  • shift the mindset and dialogue to those aspects that realize transformation

When there are hard conversations to have, difficult truths to face and work to do to course correct. Dr. Miller can steer your teams through to a renewed success .


a three-step engagement

Ascertain Where Current Structures and Practices are Effective or Ineffective
  • Resources and Roles
  • Communication
  • Governance and Support
  • Capability Maturity
  • Collaboration Effectiveness
  • Structures and Controls
  • Methods and Practices
Formulate an Action Plan for Remedy and Reset
  • Work with What is Known
  • Use What You Have
  • Do More With Both Using a Mix of Traditional and Leading Edge Techniques
  • Simplify to a 3-Step Remedy Action Plan
  • Recommend 'Stretch' Capability Elevations
Guide the Implementation of the Action Plan
  • Navigate Demands
  • Let Go of What Isn't Working
  • Negotiate Space With C-Level
  • Embrace New Ways as Normal
  • Work Through Values and Beliefs Shifts
  • Coach on Leadership Techniques That Leverage Success