Organization Programs

make the shifts from the industrial age
through the information age into the millennium age

Scale-able to your situation...start with a team, apply to high impact areas of transformation, or take an enterprise approach.

Move your organization into the Millennium Age by altering value and belief systems and building capability in the tenets of the Transformational Organization Paradigm.  Previously considered 'culture' and so unique and complex to each organization that changing it was widely accepted as impossible, the pursuit of the Transformational Organization Paradigm and its tenets shift your organization into the Millennium Age mindset within 12 to 18 months while keeping all the good parts of your corporate identity.

Development programs remove or reduce the 'industrial age thinking' risks in a targeted and far-sighted way.

Transformational Organization Paradigm (TOP) assessments inform a capability maturity strategy and the customization of TOP programs. The programs  foster a Millennium Age mindset and altered values and belief systems thereby creating the most advantageous environment for transformation to occur.  The assessments also indicate:

  • precise areas where 'churn' has the potential to be debilitating, where the potential for stalling is high
  • precise ways to align leadership practices, the employee-employer covenant, and the organizations' 'norms' and belief systems with Millennium Age mindset


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