Return On Investment

applying the Continuous Transformation Management Framework
answers two fundamental questions...

Are we transforming? enough? ...often enough? large enough steps? 


Transform in the right time for the money available.

The Continuous Transformation Management Framework manages risks that are particular to business transformation, getting you from here to transformed in purposeful and managed ways.




  • Adequate preparation for transformation success across your organization
  • Achieving the necessary speed of response to Millennium Age demands
  • Ensuring constant forward movement & progress rather than stalling
  • Gaining the most real transformation for dollar spent
  • Precisely where transformation went off track and why
  • Creating continuous transformation capability where little or none existed previously


Where do we start with transformation?

... because everything is so interconnected  ...when we feel like we need to do everything at once 


Produce transformation with the first dollar spent.

Using the first few stages of the Continuous Transformation Lifecycle where your organizations' new trajectory is defined, alongside the paradoxes and breakdowns that accompany it, you'll reduce costly churn in orienting your transformation.


  • Exactly how far back into the Information Age you need to go to create solid foundations for transformation
  • Exactly where the most significant gaps in mindset are and how to work through them while transforming
  • Kingpins in your organization that are both the starting points and propellants of your transformation


Transformational Organization Paradigm ROI is...



Achieving the characteristics of the Transformational Organization Paradigm enables the organization to recognize sooner and understand more fully each successive transformation such that they build upon each other to produce growth, appropriate positioning, and continued viability of the enterprise for the funding available.



Two kinds of return can be expected with an investment in achieving the Transformational Organization Paradigm.


The organization gains more than financial ROI – it gains thought capital and knowledge capital and it gains employees who are change-agile, meaning and purpose driven, and resilient and this translates into customer engagement, employee engagement and 'millennially minded' talent attraction and retention.

The organization is able to adapt with greater speed, and gains the ability to mobilize and remobilize quickly in the face of shifting demands - mitigating the human and financial risks associated with escalating speed of change and the 'everything, all the time, along many dimensions' nature of the emerging Millennium Age marketplace.



More transformation achieved in less time at a lower cost through greater conversion of human intelligence and ingenuity into transformation outcomes and constant forward motion.

Realization of benefits and transformative results is faster and occurs more in lock-step with the global speed of change rather than fighting against it or trying to control it.  Ability to see and make the right moves using what is available in the current environment.


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