What Used to Work Doesn’t Anymore

this is what business transformation is all about

Shifts in thinking between the 'Ages'

The information age is a fulcrum point in the transformation of how the people in your organization work, relate and think... including your field personnel and most especially your executive leadership team.

When you see and express your organization in terms of this diagram, a domino effect is set in motion that brings to the foreground those aspects of your environment that have been de-emphasized, and recedes to the background those aspects that have been emphasized.  Your shift from Industrial age thinking and methods to Millennium Age mindset begins.



future success can no longer be predicated on past approaches and experiences

What used to work, simply doesn't anymore...


In fact, opposite approaches not only work, they create a way forward where none existed before.


Transformation contexts become a kind of 'land of opposites' where pulling rather than pushing tactics are used, where command and control gives way to participating and allowing, where transformation efforts to take on a life of their own, showing us the way forward.  Typically, the transformation journey consists of navigating a myriad of unknowns toward a state we can't clearly see - even if we were capable of recognizing it. The way forward is not visible beyond the next few steps.

Under these conditions, and acknowledging that our work and business environments are so complex that no one person or group has all the answers, transformation works best when the hierarchies we have clung to are abandoned, when we cast aside notions of convincing others of one right way, and when we redirect the energy we are investing in 'getting back to normal' into propelling transformation forward using human ingenuity.  

Navigating the sea of unknowns associated with transformation renders traditional Industrial Age ‘command and control’ methods ineffective.

This and almost every other aspect of how your organization communicates, relates and manages work must be inverted in order for your business to be viable and succeed in the 'Millennium Age'.  From performance to contribution, from separation to connectedness... everything we think we know about how to succeed must radically alter to embrace what is diametrically opposite about the Industrial Age as compared with the Millennium Age.


equity and inclusion