Organizational Change Management Teams

jumpstart the human side of transformation

Although organizational and initiative change management has been in practice for 15 years or more, there are still misunderstandings about how to use this powerful tool.

But there needn't be any discomfort or mystery - because change management has clear and simple success levers and when applied with consistency produce pathways to success that are otherwise not possible.

iMind offers turn-key teams of professionals for restructures, digital evolution, and merger/acquisition.

Built-In Methods, Practices, and Toolsets

iMind offers turn-key OCM teams for transformational programs with built-in methods and practices, toolsets, and brandable artifacts. We set up shop and begin working with your SLT, Steering Committee, and Program Managers.

Build Internal Capability

Extend OCM services to include capability-building education and mentoring. We'll help you select a few internal candidates to become your first Change Managers. If you're interested in creating a Change Management/Enablement Office we can help with that too.