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Starting with the foundational Continuous Transformation Management Framework certification, you'll add a second layer of professional designation in Change Intelligence (for transformation) and Transformational Leadership for transformation.  There are exams to pass to be granted certification but we don't plan to insist on re-certification as other methodologies do.  Frankly, we believe its up to us to create new content that brings you back to expand your knowledge and capability again and again.


| Continuous Transformation Management Framework |

Learn the (patent pending) process of implementing the Continuous Transformation Management Framework once you've gained some experience as a certified practitioner.

You and each of your team have a depth of experience and education in at least three of the following: Organizational Design and Development; Change Management; Information Technology; Executive Leadership Development; Business Transformation Project and Portfolio Management
You and your team hold certifications in all of these iMind Continuous Transformation Management Framework disciplines: The Continuous Transformation Management Framework Foundations; Change Intelligence; Transformational Leadership for Transformation
You as the owner of the accredited practice have in excess of 100 hours applying Continuous Transformation Management Framework disciplines in one or more of the following ways: Facilitating teams and groups in visioning, solutioning, team building, performance elevation; Creating business transformation portfolios; Creating change management strategies and plans; Creating business transformation through programs and projects
You as the owner of the accredited practice have a certification in the (patent pending) process of implementing the Continuous Transformation Management Framework which has the following outcomes: Positions and prepares the organization for business transformation; Builds capability maturity in continuous business transformation


| Continuous Transformation Management Framework |

Know the Continuous Transformation Management Framework inside-out, then deliver training around the world for accredited practices and individual professionals who do business transformation.


Community of Practice

| Continuous Transformation Management Framework |

Be the leader in business transformation in your city offering tutorials, podcasts, case forums, and template workshops - fully supported by iMind online platforms.


Your Accredited Practice is Fully Supported by iMind

Fully Supported by an Online Platform
  • Access to the latest research, cases, tools and templates
  • Local online communities of practice
  • Podcasts, eLearning, and streamed webinars
Always on the Leading Edge
  • New tutorials and evolving educational content
  • Growing base of case studies & research
Coaching Live With Founder
  • Advice from Dr. Miller on client contexts and challenging circumstances
  • Training delivered by founder Dr. Linda Miller
  • Dr. Miller live on subjects of interest and Q&A sessions