Legal Practice Modernization

Trying to transform while operating at full capacity?

Most firms just need a bit of well-placed advice when making major changes.

Merger Transition

Focused change management effort smooths turbulence and reduces the transition time.

  • engagement and adoption strategies
  • facilitation of critical organization meetings
  • communication structures and tools for optimal absorption

Digital Transformation

Leverage your ability to ask the right questions and make the moves that serve your practice now and into the future.

  • needs definition and architecture considerations
  • digital strategy, roadmap and future proofing
  • support through the software sourcing and purchase process

Covering matter management, practice management, document management, intake and assignment.

Office Innovation

Take the guesswork out of gluing together all things digital for seamless office automation.

  • courtroom and litigation tool selection and implementation advice
  • paper to digital conversion
  • online services delivery
  • work flow management




Past Clients

  • MLT Aikins
  • City of Vancouver, Legal Services