Insurance & Banking

iMind was on the scene when Online Banking became a thing. We're there again for the major turning point that IFRS 17 is the insurance industry.

We've been in and around the banking and insurance industry for nearly two decades.

Digital Transformation

There's a certain knack to making a success of going online.  We should know, we've been doing it for decades.

  • claims processing
  • customer omni-channel



IFRS 17 Implementation

Two major leaps in modernization make up
the IFRS 17 transformation response:

  1. from manual, linear, siloed to automation baseline and documented processes
  2. from cross-functional collaboration to multi-dimensional technology/data enablement & agility


From here on, the internal engine of the
insurance company must make multiple capability maturity leaps in:
  • technology and data governance and management
  • inter-disciplinary and international collaboration and management
  • initiative management and continuous transformation


iMind offers an entire suite of support
for IFRS 17 and beyond serial transformations

  • organizational transformation management suite and toolkit
  • on-demand and long-range advisory and consulting
  • online learning for those skills needed in BAU compliance

Interac Consortium & Service Provider

We've worked with credit union consortiums in selecting and negotiating interac switching services and regulatory compliance.

  • Make a change to switching service provider
  • Improve or mature the relationship with your current provider



Past Clients

  • Wawanesa
  • Canada Life
  • Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Insurance Corporation of BC
  • Central1
  • Vancity Credit Union