IFRS 17 Organizational Transformation

Dr. Miller has created and personally delivers three IFRS 17 and Beyond transformation supports.

Serious about consistent forward motion, speed and agility in your IFRS 17 program? Find the same problems cropping up over and over? Progress stalling and people burning out? Teams having a hard time collaborating effectively? Want the competitive advantage of delivering more than a minimally viable product? Then this is for you.

For those insurance companies determined to achieve the competitive advantage of a robust compliance in operation on January 1 2023.

All services offer master level transformation support in...

  • Strategic Initiative Planning & Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Continuous Transformation Management
  • Capability Maturity Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Information Technology and Data Governance

iMind IFRS 17 services leverage success through implementation into the next 5 years of radical industry change.

Breakthrough & Acceleration

Change happens in dialogue not in completed tasks, training people isn't enough to make the leap into the kind of IT-savvy, complex, leadership-enabled and elevated work IFRS 17 demands.  In re-imagining the actuarial and financial reporting operations, half the work is knowing what to talk about and how to convert dialogue into speed and agility.

Remedies for common issues:

  • People aren’t sure if they are talking about the right things.
  • A lot of work is happening but little progress is being made.
  • Teams and individuals aren’t sure what they are supposed to be focusing on.
  • High levels of intense ambivalence (people are frozen in indecision about where to start and what to do next).
  • Work travels in circles or forward motion is halted and efforts to get unstuck fail repeatedly.
  • Fear of making a mistake or overly controlling risk is slowing progress to a crawl and frustration is at very high levels.
  • People are burning out.
  • Lots of discussion is a happening that isn’t resulting in traction on delivery or isn’t congealing of understandings into knowledge and new skills / behaviors.
  • Can’t answer the question ‘are we transforming?’.


...Using a Three Step Process

Full Advisory for IFRS 17 and Beyond Organizational Transformation

iMind is well versed in all things IFRS 17. Use Dr. Millers' mastery in business & digital transformation, organizational change management, program and initiative management, information technology governance and business architecting to leverage your IFRS 17 implementation and position your organization for the radical industry change the new reporting standard sets the stage for.

  • results-getting techniques
  • well suited to programs using primarily part time internal people
  • designed specifically for IFRS 17 and the ongoing radical industry change it sets the stage for
  • build capability maturity in the 4 key IFRS 17 areas in-situ, in-stride
  • Define and convey the mechanics and demands of the IFRS 17 and Beyond transformative journey upon leaders and staff

  • Use what you have to do more and make consistent forward motion - transformation to transformation

  • Build capability in-flight and create transformation around the technology and process solution, and the new operational behaviors

  • Deliver robust compliance and finish IFRS 17 implementation well-positioned for the next radical industry change

  • Elevate leaders and teams to continuous transformation and organization agility

  • Prepare leaders and teams for next radical industry change, AI and cloud computing


Do-It-Yourself IFRS 17 Organizational Transformation Toolkit

We've just published a complete turn-key solution for IFRS 17 organizational transformation. It's an exciting time for the insurance industry with the IFRS 17 reporting standard setting the pace for dramatic business model and technology transformation. This kit gives you everything you need to jump-start your IFRS 17 organizational change management work. With this kit you'll achieve the most well rounded IFRS 17 implementation possible AND find yourself in a position to face the next radical industry changes head on and succeed.

Now Available!

  • The two books are now available in paper and immediate download formats
  • The toolkit is ready for you to adapt - on CD and immediate download
  • The IFRS 17 and Beyond branded items are ready for your team to enjoy
  • Delivery time for physical materials is about 2 weeks from the time of order

Each item is purchasable separately of course.

An investment in any of these three services will leverage your success over the next 5 years through IFRS 17 compliance and beyond into the radical industry change it sets the stage for.