IFRS 17 Organizational Transformation Turn-Key Toolkit

IFRS 17 Organizational Transformation Toolkit

We're inches away from having a complete turn-key solution for IFRS 17 organizational transformation. It's an exciting time for the insurance industry with the IFRS 17 reporting standard setting the pace for dramatic business model and technology transformation. This kit gives you everything you need to jump-start your IFRS 17 organizational change management work. With this kit you'll achieve the most well rounded IFRS 17 implementation possible AND find yourself in a position to face the next radical industry changes head on and succeed.

Now Taking Orders!

  • Around November 27th the two books will be available in paper and immediate download formats
  • Around December 1st look for the toolkit files on CD and immediate download
  • By December 3rd  they keychain will be available
  • Delivery time for physical books, CD, and keychain is about 2 weeks from the time of order

Each item is purchasable separately of course.  Want us to let you know when everything is ready?  Drop us a note!

The toolkit will leverage your success over the next 5 years through IFRS 17 compliance and beyond into the radical industry change it sets the stage for.