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Education takes many forms at iMind - from articles, white papers, case studies to methodology certifications, webinars and conferences, we love to customize our stuff to  suit your particular needs.


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All our courses contain leading edge Millennium Age content on leadership, change, and transformation.  Here are some examples...

  • Understanding the Millennium Mindset
  • What the Millennium Age Has in Store for Major Corporations
  • Principles of Transformational Leadership for Transformation
  • Fundamentals of the Transformational Organization Paradigm
  • Methodology Elements of the Continuous Transformation Framework
  • Leading Millennials - the New Untapped Human Capital
  • Disassembling the Industrial Age to Create a Millennium Age Organization
  • BTO Structures Adapted to the Continuous Transformation Management Office
  • Change Intelligence - Beyond Enculturating Change Management Disciplines
  • Delivering Millennium Culture Shifts with Transformation Programs and Projects

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iMind eLearning is a full service learning management platform.  It is membership based, contains a student portal and keeps records of your studies.

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