Framework Application

Creating New Space in Relationships

Flexibility and forbearance are an uneasy necessity when attempting to grasp the ungraspable.

Over the course of transformative work a good deal of pushing and pulling among people can occur as each tries to grasp the meaning of such vast changes for themselves and their particular group.

Strategic partnerships can be strained in efforts to discern, interpret, and put into action exactly what the new state will yield in terms of changes in service level agreements, performance measures and profit margins.

Suspending judgement in the face of ambiguity is the larger part of creating space in internal relationships and strategic partnerships as they shift and move with transformation. Application of co-creation techniques, exercises in inter-connectedness, and a high level of one-to-one engagement in shaping the new relationship all benefit from the assistance of a professional skilled in matters related to making the paradigm shifts associated with business transformation however it arises.