About Dr. Linda Miller

Driven by a grass-roots IT passion for empowering the lives of people through the use of technology Dr. Linda  Miller has worked on the leading edge of technology for much of her 35 year career. She was inspired to pursue a career in organizational change management in 1998 after observing the pervasive difficulty experienced by people of government and private sector organizations in receiving and adapting to the new technologies. 

At that time Dr. Miller began a journey to understand the source and nature of what caused people to react negatively to tools that were intended to benefit them and over the course of the past 18 years, Linda has worked steadily to improve the human aspects of how business and technology change is conducted.

Moving between business organization transformation and technology transformation, Dr. Miller is called upon to rescue troubled initiatives and lend her unique combination of skills and experience to re-position her clients for the kind of success that preserves and enhances the wellbeing of the people impacted by the change.

The founder of the only methodology for continuous transformation, a global 'millennium age' conference and the creator of the only learning development platform specifically for business transformation, Linda holds a PhD in Spiritual Psychology, two change management certifications, an executive coaching certification, and a program management certification. Linda serves clients in all levels of government, education, technology, financial and banking, insurance, and energy and utilities, and has lived and worked in 5 Canadian cities.

Unique aspects of Linda’s background include: equal and deep understanding of human/organizational psychology and information technology; familiarity leading non-profit and for-profit organization initiatives; vendor agnostic and client-advocate consulting support and advice; experience building governance capability maturity; and delivering leading edge techniques that shift organization culture, values and mindsets from Industrial Age to Millennium Age. 

Currently, Linda is planning the second edition of her business transformation methodology books titled: The Transformational Organization Paradigm; and The Continuous Transformation Management Framework that deal with the shifts in thought and organizational paradigms associated with a new Millennium ‘Age’.


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