Conference – 2019 Business Transformation and the Millennium Age

the scope of this years conference is more broad, with a wide range of leading edge topics presented by speakers from around the globe.

Streaming Live...

Broadcasting live on the iMind livestream website, this year's conference will offer nearly a dozen thought leaders and practitioners who make it their mission to understand the unprecedented socio-economic shifts shaping our business world.

November 10th, 11th, and 12th

We have already begun assembling a 24 hour program to be delivered in 6-hour shifts over three days. Priced affordably and with capacity for 1000 participants - all of whom will have the ability to ask questions of the speaker - this conference embodies all that is to be 'millennium' in mindset.

Early Registration is Open!

Affordable for everyone... and knowledge everyone should have about the beginning of a radical change in how our workplace and our world functions..

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Submissions CLOSED for 2019

Submit your stuff! The second annual Business Transformation and the Millennium Age conference is in marketing mode... Next year, submit an outline and synopsis of your subject here...

    Why Everyone Should Attend

    Whether you're an MBA student, marketing executive, recruiter, HR specialist, or IT manager; someone who works on one project after another, part of a senior leadership team; or a deeply experienced business transformation consultant.

    The new tools and knowledge in this conference will position you and your organization to face Millennium Age challenges head on - with winning strategies in hand.

    You'll look at your work and life differently,
    with an angle on success you didn't have before.

    Subject Areas for the 2019 Conference

    Millennium Age Socio-Economic Trajectories
    • Transformation of how we see the customer
    • Leading edge methods in how corporate decision making and direction setting occurs
    • Transformation of how we see the employee
    • Fundamental principles of doing business heading into the Millennium Age
    • Gaining and retaining customer attention, trust, and confidence in a hyper-aware world
    Emerging Approaches to Developing the Knowledge Worker
    • Shifting emphasis of learning and emerging learning development techniques
    • New perceptions of 'management' and employee autonomy
    • New approaches to leadership in high ambiguity, rapidly changing environments
    • The tension between Industrial Age methods and Millennium Age mindset
    • Career success definitions heading into the Millennium Age
    • Accessing and applying previously untapped human capital
    Business Transformation
    • The necessity for and the ways and means to prepare business for transformation (before you spend the first dollar)
    • Making the 'mindset' shifts that create transformation with speed for the available funding
    • Exactly how transformation change is different than other kinds of business change
    • Measuring transformation progress differently than other kinds of initiatives
    • Oversight, measurement and accountability without command-and-control for transformation initiatives
    Focusing and Re-focusing People in High-Ambiguity Contexts
    • Doing what matters now despite shifting priorities and truths
    • Harvesting and capitalizing on emerging knowns as transformation initiatives progress
    • Keeping people in an fresh and elevated through serial or continuous transformation
    • The true meaning of organization agility and how it differs from dev-ops 'agile' methods
    • Turning unacceptable unknowns into acceptable unknowns to motivate leaps of faith into the unknown
    Speculation About Future Organization Structure Design
    • Doing away with hierarchical organization structures
    • Mobilizing and De-Mobilizing Teams
    • Change vs Maintain Structures
    • Emerging Critical Roles
    • New Corporate Assets that Need Managing