Transformational Change Strategy Development

having a strategy for change is becoming a must have

Transformational change is expansive and its implications to functions, teams and individuals run very deep. Having a meaningful strategy rooted in the principles of transformation is critical to success.


iMind offers a range of transformational change strategy services - to suit every business and situation.


Common OCM strategies for common transformations. For example, SAP implementations, procurement and IT centralization, HRIS transformation. This service provides a templated OCM strategy that addresses the common change risks and conditions of these kinds of transformations.


Nuanced OCM strategy where we work with you for a few weeks to develop a culture, behavioral, and skills oriented strategy and hand it over for enactment.


Organizational transformations strategy that deals with the nuances of complex stakeholder engagement, impacts management and communications as usual but adds the transformational elements of mindset shift, employee-employer covenant, culture, and identity - as well as strategies for turning breakdowns into breakthroughs and navigating the intense paradoxes typical of transformational change.