what if your transformation initiatives could deliver not just the work,
but the new-millennium shifts in mindset, ways of working, and culture at the same time...



while preserving wellbeing at work

having measurable transformation at the right speed

and adopting continuous transformation management as the new normal


like nothing else out there!

By applying our purpose-built methods iMind delivers real organizational and digital transformation.
In teaching them, iMind equips you to  do it too.

the Transformational Organization Paradigm

The Transformational Organization Paradigm is the parent methodology to the Continuous Transformation Management Framework and associated Change Intelligence and Transformational Leadership for Transformation disciplines.

The paradigm defines and embodies the Millennium Age characteristics that keep your organization viable, relevant and able to growth through the unprecedented global socio-economic changes taking place.

the Continuous Transformation Management Framework

A tightly constructed and fully tooled set of practices that isn't heavy and has nothing to do with work management and everything to do with moving transformation forward with speed for the money available, this framework measures the real progress of transformation and provides evidence that transformation is taking place.

The Continuous Transformation Management Framework is the foundational discipline for managing serial transformations and continuous transformation - which is your new normal heading into the Millennium Age.

consistent, predictable, measurable transformation

Continuous transformation is your new normal - do it well !

New Transformation Capability

We implement in ways that suit your environment.

Choose to leverage your transformation speed by applying our methods as organization development programs to shift culture and value & belief systems toward the Millennium Age mindset.

Bring us in as a specific intervention for transformation initiatives that are spending more and achieving less.

Make a full leap into continuous transformation management by implementing our entire framework as a new standard for business transformation office structure.

Pave a cost effective road for transformation by implementing our methods as a preparatory step to ready your organization for transformation.

In-Situation Expert Advice & Consultation

Start small by combing education and coaching in packages scaled for initiative teams, business transformation offices, senior leadership teams, and boards of directors. A little help goes a long way.

Take it to the next level and together we'll pinpoint where to start with transformation. or discern precisely when and where money is being spent that isn't producing transformation and create an action plan to get you on track and moving forward.

A big help our methods provide is in enabling you to answer the question 'are we transforming?'

Multiple Learning & Education Channels

Online, on-site, on your terms, on your time.

Consume all that we know how to do in a myriad of formats that suit transformation program teams, senior leadership teams, or your entire enterprise.

Embed our education in culture shift learning development programs, in performance management practices, in your executive retreats, or incorporate our professional certifications in your PMO, BTO, or CMO standards.

We'll set you up with a package that meets your needs combining online courses, in-person on-site training, and keynote, workshop or topical speaker services.

A Message From Dr. Miller

We're also the creator of the first Canadian conference on business transformation!

Find details about the conference and a list of 2019 courses on our Public Events page
See the list of subjects iMind will seek speakers for on our Conference Submission page

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