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Organization Metaphors – Morgan 2006

Here are a set of slides that describe the metaphors posed by Gareth Morgan in 2006 in his book Images of Organisation to describe in more visual terms the types of organizations (culture, value system, and structure).

The central thesis of this book is that all theories of organisation and management are based on implicit metaphor, and that metaphors play a paradoxical role: they are vital to understanding and highlighting certain aspects of organisations, while at the same time they restrict understanding by backgrounding or ignoring others.

Open Slide DeckSlide Deck on Organization Metaphors - Morgan 2006

Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change

Why do so many companies fail to innovate successfully?… What’s going on?  After all most companies boast talented people and deep pockets…

Harvard Business Review Report on Disruptive Change




Transformational and Coercive Strategies for Planned Organizational Change: Beyond the OD Model

This paper challenges the universality of O.D. theory, arguing that it presents an incomplete model of organizational change. Two contrasting ‘theories’ of organization al change are compared and evaluated (the incremental and transformational theses)  and also two contrasting methods of change: participation and coercion. All four approaches are seen as legitimate components  of a differentiated contingency model of change. The model has implications for the choice of strategies for managing organizational change in differing circumstances and for the training of change agents.

-Dexter C. Dunphy, Doug A. Statce, Australian Graduate School of Managment, Uof New South Wales