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futility against the flow

Creating New Space in Relationships

Flexibility and forbearance are an uneasy necessity when attempting to grasp the ungraspable.

Over the course of transformative work a good deal of pushing and pulling among people can occur as each tries to grasp the meaning of such vast changes for themselves and their particular group.

Strategic partnerships can be strained in efforts to discern, interpret, and put into action exactly what the new state will yield in terms of changes in service level agreements, performance measures and profit margins.

Suspending judgement in the face of ambiguity is the larger part of creating space in internal relationships and strategic partnerships as they shift and move with transformation. Application of co-creation techniques, exercises in inter-connectedness, and a high level of one-to-one engagement in shaping the new relationship all benefit from the assistance of a professional skilled in matters related to making the paradigm shifts associated with business transformation however it arises.


TEDTalk Leadership Leverage for Transformation 2012

Presented at the Transformation Leadership Event September 26th, 2012
TELUS Spark Science Centre, Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Linda Miller of iMind Transformation talks about transformational leadership and the shifts in thinking required to successfully transform business.


The Servant Leader and Transformation

Based on research one may conclude that a transformational organization should embrace the leader-follower concept. The leader-follower will be someone who puts their needs last as they seek to humbly serve those around them. A leader-follower understands that they don’t know it all and that deferment through followership is an effective method to getting the job done. Evidence has shown that organizations where the leader-follower methodology is in use will yield individuals who desire investment in their jobs and the organization as a whole. One could argue that a servant-hearted leader-follower will generate the most effective plans and visions for the transformation of their organization.

Leader-Follower Theory and theTransformational Organization