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We combine the highest quality education and support based in deep experience applying global best practices for executive and performance coaching, business education, culture shift, and initiative management (portfolio, program, project).

Ala-carte services are combined to meet your unique situation and needs now, and position you for future success. The right mix can be applied:

  • To prepare the organization for transformation work
  • To guide the approach to and emphasis of work for programs and projects in the transformation portfolio
  • To tightly target change management efforts for greatest lift and leverage

Al-a-Carte and Customizedpuzzle pieces

We mix any and all subject areas of the Transformational Organization Paradigm and Continuous Transformation Management Framework, into the following services to fit you…

  1. Team Education with Coaching Support and Progress Measurement
  2. Enterprise Development Programs Based on Assessment Results & Consultation
  3. Program and Project (Initiative) Transformation Management
  4. Transformation Office Governance Structures and Supporting Practices and Processes

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures the `shifts` are sustained and become part of the fabric of the organization.

Fully IntegratedConnect Key

The methods and practices in the Continuous Transformation Management Framework are fully integrated with practices we are experts in applying…

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development

We measure your transformation capability – and ability to succeed in your transformation – against the constructs and levers embedded within the Transformational Organization Paradigm.

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