iMind Transformation was founded in 2009 to research and develop new thought related to organizational transformation as a practicable business methodology.

30 years on the leading edge of technology innovation and a decade of organization transformation and leadership development work motivated 4 years of dedicated research in business psychology, organization thought, and spiritual psychology, to define the Transformational Organization Paradigm.

Real life experiences in the utilities and energy sector, financial institutions, and government organizations across Canada and the United States have informed the paradgims’ Continuous Transformation Framework making it practical and realistically achievable.

Applied as a scalable enterprise-wide methodology, the pursuit of the Transformational Organization Paradigm offers an accessible pathway for achieving organizational growth and maturity in managing continuous business transformation.  It is designed such that the organization can start anywhere within it and achieve results.

We may not be able to see the end-state of ongoing work to transform, but we do know what future success revolves around…

  • technology enabled connectedness
  • social frameworks build on self-expression
  • value systems based in individualized contribution

And we know that what used to work, doesn’t anymore, and that future success cant be predicated on past successes or historical data.

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