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For some reason the audio for the first slide didn’t register on the video… We’ll fix this for the next time this webinar is scheduled.  In the mean time, here is the verbiage for the first slide which is about 58 seconds long…

This webinar presents an introduction to the Transformational Organization Paradigm. It moves quite quickly but pauses at certain points to allow you to relate the information presented to your own circumstances.

You can take this class as many times as you like – it’s free and always will be free on our website – and if you would like to own this webinar to share it with colleagues drop us an email and we will send you a copy or arrange a download. We plan to make this and all of our webinars available on amazon at a low cost as well.

You have the option of debriefing with me for a complimentary one-hour one-to-one, but it may be better to take one of the other more specific webinars before booking so that the session is most productive.