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Not Into Reading Business Books?

Get a taste of what the Transformational Organization Paradigm is all about by attending our low-cost webinars and courses.  Many are timed at 45 minutes each, so they fit into a lunch hour, but you have a day or two to access and watch them on the date they are scheduled.

Best of all, each webinar or course includes some amount of time with Dr. Linda Miller so you get the most out of the instruction and can better apply the concepts in the real world.

2018 Courses

Continuous Transformation Management Framework
4-Day Certification Course

February 28 to March 3 – Vancouver
March 28 to March 31 – Winnipeg

Daily Outlines

Course fees include all course materials, two books, and all CTM templates; plus 5 hours coaching support by Dr. Linda Miller.

The certification exam is optional, but in order to claim certification in CTM the exam must be passed.  Any student who has taken the 4-day course may take the certification exam at any time after completion of the course.

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2016 Courses

Strategies for Moving People Through Technology Transformation

Transformation has very specific and universal characteristics, and so it can be managed more effectively by anyone using a set of targeted techniques.

This course is suitable for …

  • IT Leaders, CIOs and Digital Presence Leaders
  • Tech-Industry Salespeople and Business Owners
  • Change Managers and OD&D Specialists
  • Project and Program Managers
  • PMO and PPM managers
  • SME Owners Looking to Leverage Technology

Includes a copy of The Transformational Organization Paradigm book on PDF and 2 hours of one-to-one time with Dr. Linda Miller

Eventbrite - Strategies for Moving People Through Technology Transformation

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