Connect KeyDiscover the kind of leverage demanded in new millennium business by opening a door you haven’t before.

A typical engagement with iMind begins with a discovery cycle. Our consultants talk with you and your people to target a starting point and near-term roadmap.

Our Process

Depending on your needs the roadmap may have one, two or three stages which may run concurrently and iteratively on small or large scale :

Stage 1 – Evaluate and Develop Transformational Leadership Capability – using the Transformational Organization Paradigm and Continuous Transformation Management Framework as a foundation.

Stage 2 –  Evaluate Transformational Organization Maturity – informed by Stage 1 outcomes conduct selected formal assessment(s), targeting specific business functions and teams or taking an enterprise-wide approach.

Stage 3 – Design and Implement Transformational Organization and Leadership Programs – informed by Stage 1 and Stage 2 outcomes and applying practical realism working with the sponsoring/steering person or committee.

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