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From Automation to Business Scope Revision

The role of IT in shaping tomorrow’s business operations is a distinctive one.  IT has become a fundamental enabler in creating and maintaining a flexible business network.  Using a framework that breaks IT-enabled business transformation into five levels, the author describes each level’s characteristics and offers guidelines for deriving maximal benefits.  He suggests that each organization first determine the level at which the benefits are in line with costs or efforts of the needed changes and then proceed to higher levels as the demands of competition and the need to deliver greater value to the customer increases.  – Venkatraman, N Sloan Management Review 1994


The Transformational CIO

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, there is a mandate for a new breed of Chief Information Officers (CIO) who can bring and support fundamental change to the organization’s technical, political, and cultural systems.  A transformational CIO helps the management team to develop the vision, gathers support and buy-in from stakeholders, and successfully leads the organization through the transformation.,d.bGQ

Applying Multiple Disciplines

I highly recommend Linda Miller for professionaly demonstrating her capabilities in the following categories while we worked together on a series of projects at ICBC:

Stakeholder Engagement and Change Management :
Linda planned and executed an effective change management strategy including stakeholder engagment, sponsorship, communications and training for the following projects:
– ICBC Commercial Vehicles Project
– ICBC Call Centre Renewal and Consolidation
– National Safety Code Office Creation

Linda also effectively demonstrated her skills as a Project Manager in the above projects as the Corporation integrateProject Management and Change Management deliverables. Linda is able to effectively balance scope, budget, quality with people’s readiness to adopt the changes being introduced in her projects.

While working with Linda she was also accountable for the ICBC Heavy Equipment Line of Business Restructuring project where she combined her business architecture skills with change leadership and project management.

-Sandra Price, Lead Consultant, Change Management, Sierra Systems

Technology Governance Maturity

Linda is a senior consultant that brings structure to chaos. She combines extensive product and project management knowledge with a great energy and a level of independence.

-Oscar van der Meer, Chief Digital and Payment Officer at Central 1 Credit Union


Saying ‘I See’ – The New Definition of Respect in the Workplace

So much money and time is lost to the inability to agree in transformative situations.  Not only is this a breeding ground for strife and stress, the fact of the inability for leaders and team members to agree indicates a prevalent fear of not being respected as a professional.

This talk describes the Millennium principles that redefine how respect is given, received and interpreted between people and between groups in a business environment.

Executive Coaching

Linda has a wealth of experience in her field and is well-equipped as a personal and executive coach. I found her immediately approachable, quick to zero in on the issues at hand and perfectly willing to start where her client needed to be. She is professional, results-oriented, thorough and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her services.

-Rhonda Reagh, Reagh and Associates

Thought Partner & Advisor

Linda is one of the best listeners and most thoughtful coaches I have come across. As a thought partner, Linda takes time understand and explore the issues through insightful questions and dialogue. Her disposition and personality make it easy to connect and get results. I highly recommend working with Linda if you’re looking to make a transition or try some new approaches!

  • Kyle Dyer, Talent Management Executive
new growth in hands

Words are Containers

In this age of sound-bite communication each word we select in our day to day communication takes on a new importance.  And, with the energy and speed of living heightened with global interconnectedness and technology tooling, a mis-selected phrase or word can set an incorrect intention or derail hard-won momentum. On the other hand, the simplest of rightly aligned wording can generate or renew momentum on projects, in group discussions or in team building situations.

This talk portrays the influence of words in our lives and relationships and marks the distinct shift in language and tone in the Millennium society.


Things Un-mentionable Between and Organization and It’s People

There are things we don’t talk about in our relationship with our employers that become barriers to change and transformation.  Although each person navigates their relationship with their employer differently, some common silences exist that are typically exposed when transformation work comes along.

This talk examines common covenants of silence that are barriers to transformation success.